Process Server Chicago Illinois and Surrounding Counties

24/7 Process Service & Investigations
d/b/a Cook County Civil Process Service
111 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 1700
Chicago, IL 60604

Phone: 630-885-2300


Q. What do I need to provide to a process service to deliver my documents?
A. The most valuable information is a current home and work address, cell and home phone number, physical description of the person to be served, and year, make, color and plate of the recipient's automobile.   

Q. Is 24/7 Process Service & Investigations capable of issuing a check to a defendant or witness to cover mileage and any ancillary costs incurred by having to travel to a deposition hearing as an example? 
A.  Most definitely. We are happy to issue a check and have the cost reimbursed back to us by adding the value on to your invoice.  

Q.  We have law offices located around the globe, can 24/7 Process Service & Investigations manage our business needs.   

A.  We are considered to be extremely diversified to handle process from any country and are reachable to speak with the attorney during the business hours' in their time zone.

Q.  How quick can I expect to have my legal documents served to the defendant?   

A.  We are typically successful in having the papers served within 24 - 48 Hours. We are also known for our same day "Rush Service".

Q.  How will we know when the process has been delivered?   

A.  Each file that is submitted to 24/7 Process Service & Investigations is entered into our client data base and you are able to track the progress of all your files' at any time from your computer.

Q. Is 24/7 Process Service & Investigations Licensed and insured?   

A.  Most definitely! We are fully insured and Licensed # 115-002281 by the State Of Illinois with the Department Of Financial And Professional Regulations.

Q.  What are the laws/statutes of serving process in the state of Illinois? 
A.  Click here to view these laws:

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